Kathleen Buhle’s new womens social organization The House at 1229 hosted their first event, an intimate gathering and conversation featuring Dr. Sharon Malone and Michele Norris on women’s health after menopause. The House at 1229 was founded by Kathleen Buhle as a community of women with different backgrounds and experiences who share the same core beliefs. It’s a civic and social organization, bringing women together to network, foster meaningful connections, and share insight and advice. The headquarters of The House is at 1229 19th Street in downtown DC. The conversation featured insight from Dr. Sharon Malone, one of the nation’s leading Obstetrician and Gyncelogists, who has dedicated her practice to focusing on the specific health challanges associated with menopause. Michele Norris is a columnist and consultant for Post Opinions and founding director of The Race Card Project, she is a trusted voice in journalism today, and enlightened listeners on relevant opinions based on her thoughtful interviews and in-depth reporting.