Sanders supporter disrupts Clinton rally in Manchester

Yesterday at a Hillary Clinton rally at Manchester Community College, Edward Anderson of New Haven, Connecticut disrupted Clinton’s speech by yelling to the stage and asking her ‘why she took the money’.

In an interview with WHC Insider, Anderson said he supports Bernie Sanders but was not sent by the campaign. “We’re so tired of false equivocations, we know Bernie’s not on anybody’s payroll, OK? I mean look the young people are smart, they’re tuned into this and they’re not buying it, OK?”


WHCI: I’m here with Edward Anderson from Connecticut. Mr. Anderson, you were just in the Hillary rally and you were calling out to her. What were you complaining about?

Edward Anderson: I wanna know how and why she takes their money if she’s supposed to be regulating them, OK? It feels to me like she’s on the payroll of the big corporations which are taking, you know, she’s getting student loan money. OK, donations, she got donations from the student loan industry and then she’s gonna turn around and regulate them.

WHCI: When she spoke today, she said Bernie Sanders’ campaign is taking money…

EA: Oh, come on. We’re so tired of false equivocations, we know Bernie’s not on anybody’s payroll, OK? I mean look, the young people are smart, they’re tuned into this and they’re not buying it, OK? They’re not buying the same old half-truths, you know?

WHCI: And did the Bernie Sanders campaign send you over here?

EA: No, hell no! No. I come to the [inaudible] lately. I’m a driver for a friend who’s covering this for an independent press. And no, I didn’t mean to do what I did today. I’m a little embarrassed. Still, the things they say are incredible. They really wanna make you go outside and throw up.

WHCI: Have you been to Bernie rallies here in New Hampshire?

EA: I was locked out of one last night. Yesterday afternoon the crowd was too big. I couldn’t get in.

WHCI: Are you gonna go out and campaign for him?

EA: No, no, no, no, no, no. Those days are behind me. I’m not trying to knock on anybody’s doors, tell anybody in New Hampshire how to vote.

WHCI: Well, one more question, sir. Do you feel like you’re stepping on the New Hampshirites that are here to support Hillary? I mean you should have…

EA: No, this is a good debate. I think at the end of the day Hillary wants to get the money – well maybe not Hillary, but a lot of politicians want to get the money out of politics. I know my people in Connecticut, they wish they weren’t so beholden, OK? They really wish they could represent rank-and-file Democrats but it’s all about raising the money.

WHCI: Well why don’t you start a movement? Isn’t it part of the fact that people don’t have…

EA: What do you mean? There’s a movement out there. The young kids in the country just started a movement, you guys gotta tune in, OK? When 85% of the young kids show up, you know I’m on board. If the kids wanna do a revolution, I’m there. Let’s get the money out of politics, let’s get healthcare for everybody, let’s give everybody a decent living wage. I mean these are things that you care about as a Democrat.

TMH: Thank you, sir.

Volta Insider reports from inside Trump rally before the Iowa Caucus

Rachel Greenberg, Volta Insider Podcast host at Trump rally, Cedar Rapids, Iowa February 1, 2016

Rachel Greenberg, Volta Insider Podcast host at Trump rally, Cedar Rapids, Iowa February 1, 2016

Donald Trump did not win the Iowa Caucus, but as he makes the pitch to New Hampshire voters, Rachel Greenberg of Volta Insider reports from inside his final rally at a hotel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Download the podcast on AudioBoom or iTunes, and join the conversation on Twitter via @VoltaInsider.

Snowflake Garden Brunch celebrates the Iowa Caucuses, honors Blue Star Families

Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Sally Susman, Governor Terry Branstad, Kathy Roth-Douquet

Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Sally Susman, Governor Terry Branstad, Kathy Roth-Douquet

One day prior to the 2016 Iowa Caucuses, politicians, media, and campaign activists gathered at the Iowa Caucus Snowflake Garden Brunch (#SnowflakeGardenBrunch) to honor the work of Blue Star Families.

Hosted by Tammy Haddad, Hilary Rosen, Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Ben Ginsberg, and John & Christine Stineman in Des Moines at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, Iowa political leaders who attended the brunch included Governor Terry Branstad and U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Andy Maguire, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, and Iowa State Auditor Mary Mosiman.

The sons of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, were on hand to show their support for America’s servicemen, women and families by signing the Wall of Honor with a note of support to active duty military serving overseas. Blue Star Families
CEO Kathy Roth-Douquet was presented with an award for her work on behalf of military families.

Other Iowa leaders on hand included World Food Prize CEO Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, Ambassador Mary Kramer, former Iowa Republican Party Chair Matt Strawn, Jeff Link, Des Moines Register Publisher David Chivers, Des Moines Register Editor Amalie Nash, and Ann Selzer, Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics Pollster.

Guests included actor Richard Dreyfuss, pollster Frank Luntz, Greta Van Susteren and her husband John Coale, Megan Murphy and Craig Gordon of the Bloomberg DC Bureau, Jonathan Martin of the New York Times, Betsy Fischer Martin of More Magazine, Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, Becca Ginsberg from Google, CNN contributors John Avalon and Margaret Hoover, Pfizer’s Sally Susman, Campbell Spencer, Bush campaign strategist David Kochel, and Human Rights Campaign’s JoDee Winterhoff.

Zignal Labs kept guests up-to-the minute with their Command Center in the lobby providing a real-time look at the presidential election through their multi-screen displays.

Blue Star Families is a 501c3 formed by a group of military spouses to create a platform where military family members can join civilian communities and leaders to address the challenges of military life.

Event sponsors were Amerigroup, Pfizer, Facebook and Mittera.

Supporters rally for Cruz at Ames event

Maggie Wright of Burleson, Texas, who has followed Ted Cruz for much of his political career, has been in Iowa volunteering for his campaign for the past 48 days. At a campaign rally today in Ames, Iowa, she explained why she supports Cruz’s candidacy for President.

“He’s been fighting all his adult life for our religious liberty and the Constitution. His word is his bond.”

Terry Pierce of West Des Moines, Iowa is also a Cruz supporter. “I’m making my choice this election on two issues: upholding the Constitution…and character. Everything else will work itself out.”

His daughter Jenna Pierce, a student at Iowa State University, is also backing Cruz. This will be her first time participating in a caucus.

Rand Paul: We’re going to surprise a lot of people

Following the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses, Republican Presidential candidate, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, shared what he’s hearing from Iowa voters:

“We’ve made 1 million phone calls in Iowa, we have 1,000 precinct chairs in Iowa, and we think that we have the best ground game out there. We think we’re going to surprise a lot of people. A lot of the youth vote, we think, is coming our way, because I’m the one voice that says, you know what, you do have a right to be left alone and the government shouldn’t be collecting all your private information.”

Howard Fineman Discusses Democracy in Action in Iowa

Hillary Clinton wowed the crowd at her noontime rally at Grand View University outside of Des Moines, Iowa. Students and supporters of all ages filled the room, pairing their sweatpants and jeans with Hillary memorabilia. Chatter bounced around the room, absorbed by the many microphones poking out of the masses.

Photo by Rachel Greenberg

Photo by Rachel Greenberg

Some of the happiest faces in the room at the Clinton rally were the reporters. The Iowa Caucuses are a robust playground for political journalists. Howard Fineman, famed political reporter for the Huffington Post and MSNBC Political Analyst, interviewed supporters, and WHCInsider interviewed him.

Hillary Clinton Rallies the Faithful

With the Iowa Caucus just around the corner, candidates are squeezing in as many rallies as they can before the caucuses begin Monday evening.

Students and supporters filed into the gymnasium of Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa to see and hear the words of presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Before the rally began, we caught up with CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny, a former Iowa reporter, and asked about the voters of Iowa and the possible outcome of these very important caucuses.

Sanders: We will win in Iowa if turnout is large

At a Bloomberg Politics Breakfast Briefing in Des Moines this morning, Senator Bernie Sanders said he thinks he’ll win next week’s Iowa caucuses as long as people who’ve been attending his rallies actually show up to vote, though he stopped short of saying he expects a victory.

“We will win if the turnout is large,” the Vermont senator said. “If the turnout is not large, we’re going to be struggling.”